Welcome to the Toy Lending Library!

New West Family Place has a collection of toys which can be borrowed by families of infants, toddlers or preschoolers for up to two weeks. This service is free to families! Our toys are housed in the New Westminster Public Library Main Branch (on 6th Avenue). Thank you to the librarians for making this possible for us! 

*Please be sure to return items on time so that our system can support future reservations of toys.

How it works:

1. Click here to register for the Toy Lending Library and create a password. 

2. Choose a type of toy from the categories listed on the left side. You will see all items under that category, listed as "available" (green): meaning they are currently not on loan (but may be in transit or reserved) or "on loan" (blue). Please click on the individual item for further information on its availability or to reserve for a future date. You may only reserve three toys at a time- please respect this rule.

3. When you click on the toy you are interested in, you will see details including number of parts, age appropriateness, condition, use, and a calendar of availability.

4. If you would like to reserve the toy, you can check the calendar and note if it is currently "buffering" (in transit), already reserved, or on loan. If needed, you can reserve an item for a future date or be put on a waiting list. If available, click "reserve". *Note: pick ups and returns are not available during holiday closures (please see library closures here)

5. Choose a pickup date at NEW WESTMINSTER PUBLIC LIBRARY (allow 24 hours for the staff to prepare your toy for pick up)

6. Choose a date for the toy return.

7. Tell the Children's desk that you are picking up your toys. The librarian will bring you the toy and check it out. You will receive an email notification that your toy was checked out. If you are unable to pick up your toy on the reserved date, you have three days before it is put back into rotation. Please send an email to info@newwestfamilies.ca to cancel or change your reservation if you know that you will not be collecting it.

8. Take a minute to gently clean your toy before returning it. Return your toy with all its parts in the bag you received it in on or before the date it is due back. Avoid returning items late: we would like them to be available to others who have reserved them. They should be returned to the children's desk: PLEASE NO RETURNS IN BOOK SLOTS

9. Questions, comments, concerns and suggestions can be emailed to info@newwestfamilies.ca